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Waterwell Drilling

Residential, Agricultural, Industrial water wells. Wells are drilled to Alberta environment standards, and built with high quality material.

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Pumps Systems

Zemlak Drilling Inc. sells quality Grundfos pumps, Wellmate pressure tanks, and a full line of brass fittings and all other related pressure system parts.

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Water Conditioning

Commercial & Domestic Units:
Iron Filtration, Chlorine Injection systems, Water Softeners, Water testing, Reverse Osmosis Filtration

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Livestock Water systems

Automatic water systems, Dugouts & Wet wells, Solar-power water systems, Storage troughs & setups.

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Shock Chlorination

A healthy water well will require regular maintenance. Shock chlorination is a simple maintenance treatment for water wells.

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Septic Systems

We work with a private sewer designer & consultant to design all of our sewer systems. We install all types of systems, tanks, pumps, and septic tank repair.

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Equipment Services

We have our own equipment to provide the trenching and installation of the water well or sewer system.

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Well Pit & Pump House Conversions

Old well pits should be abandoned to avoid dangerous conditions such as odorless gas, chemicals, rodents, and run off.

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Water Well Abandonment

In Alberta, landowners are fully responsible for abandoning old unused water wells. Landowners can be held legally responsible for any personal injuries or contamination to the aquifer.

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